Unconditional Love Fund

Unconditional Love Fund

Punta Gorda Animal Hospital Gives Back through The Veterinary Care Foundation

Our program, Unconditional Love is our way of giving back to the community through The Veterinary Care Foundation. This nonprofit was created to help veterinary practices has the funds to offer discounted and free services to pets in need. All donations made to our hospital go right back to helping pets and we are proud to be a member of VCF!

With this fund, we have been able to help countless animals who otherwise would not have been able to receive proper veterinary care! This organization relies solely on donations, and we are proud to be a part of it to help give back to pets in need!

The donations are used for the following:

  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Assist pet owners in financial crisis
  • Care for police/fire and service animals
  • Provide support to pets of families in crisis
  • Funding for pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster (such as weather, fire, etc)
  • Other charitable purposes at the practice’s discretion

VCF has established charitable funds for practices in over 40 states. Unlike other veterinary charities, 100% of every contribution to VCF goes directly to veterinary practices.

  • Please visit www.vetcarefoundation.org and select Punta Gorda Animal Hospital to donate directly to help out local pets in need!
  • Purchase one of our Pet Odor Exterminator candles
  • Leave a donation with our front desk staff!

Questions? Please give our office a call at (941) 639-8717.

Unconditional Love is a member of The Veterinary Care Foundation. The Veterinary Care Foundation a 501 (C) (3) tax deductible organization.

Pictures of animals that have been helped.

  • Amber & Kittens

  • Ellie (Before)

  • Ellie (After)

  • Gus

  • Kittens

  • Puppies

  • River

  • Macey (Before & After)

  • Taylor (Before & After)

  • Rosco (Before)

  • Rosco (After)

  • Miley (Heartworms)